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Sorry - Window-well fabrication services only available to the Northern Colorado area.
Homeowners:  Window-well Covers are a VERY important purchase for your new home.
The most important reason for you to have Window-well covers installed at your home is SAFETY.  Numerous injuries occur every year because of accidents around the home, including falls into window-wells.  Protect the safety of your family, your friends, and your pets by purchasing this safeguard now.

Why "custom fit"?   Different homes can have a whole range of both styles and sizes of window-wells.  Having a custom made window-well cover not only looks better around your home, but it also can offer better protection against falls.  High Caliber Welding and Fabrication can design the window-well cover around the style of well your home has. The way our covers sit on your well offers added safety.  Some other metal fabricated covers just have little 'tabs' welded onto the edge to support it over the edge of your well.  We feel this is not a safe cover; our covers use entire bars of steel to hold itself over the well. Our window well covers do not leave a 'lip' that hangs over the edge of your well like most generic pre-fabricated covers do.  Our window-well covers lay 'flush' with your window-well.
Why should I buy metal fabricated covers?  There are many reasons one should consider a metal fabricated cover over other options available.  It is VERY important that the window well cover you choose be able to withstand the weight of people standing on it.  Metal fabricated window-well covers can withstand more than this weight.  The strength of steel is used in our fabrications. 
Why should I choose your company?  While we do understand there are many places to choose from out there, we also feel that we stand above the rest.  How, you ask?  Simple.  We are very dedicated to quality services, quality products, and only the highest customer service.  We are not a giant company where you will be dealing with some miscellaneous installer sent out to you.  Instead you will be dealing with a person who cares about your on one...throughout our services to you.  We will make sure that once our window well is in place, that you are happy with your purchase.  We will be happy to help with any custom requests you have, as well.  We can usually have your custom-sized covers fabricated and installed in a matter of days.
We can custom fabricate your cover to fit your specific needs.  We've made covers with a mesh design in them to protect 'little paws', constructed covers with an escape door, ladders to help in escape routes, and more...
There are many important points to consider when picking a cover for your home.  Aesthetics, safety, affordability, etc...   Our hope is that after considering all of these things, you will call Town & Country Fence to get you started.
To reach John Kuntz, call Town & Country Fence at:




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